is there anyone genuine? Family Forward to friends

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    Of course there are those that less than honest.While I have been trying to organize a nudist group here in AK not one single response.I have been a member for a while.So far have only met one person and plan on meeting another this summer.Don't let the others deter you from your search.
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    There will always be people trying to use and manipulate others, regardless of their lifestyle. Just because we live a naturist lifestyle, doesn't make us immune to scoundrals. I believe the thing to do, is to expose them as we come across them. But more importantly, use your head, and don't allow anyone too close, too quick. That is true in the textile world as well. Anyhow, just keep it real and let the fakes get bored and go away.
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    Oh I?m sure there are plenty of genuine naturists/nudists here, I?ve been one all my life. I think as with any forum, you will get the odd fake and it can be a real bother. I think if we verify our profiles so others will know we are genuine, then it will make the website much better for all of us.
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    I have to agree with jmh074, I don't feel like wasting my money. I was a paid member back in '01 when the site was relatively new, and still didn't rec. very much contact. So now I am here just to see if I can find any communication and make some friends.

    Yeah it would be nice to find a single nudist woman to start a relationship with; but would like to start making some friendships as well, both m\f and even couples.
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    Geniune person here in the mtns of NC. =]

    Sadly, finding anyone near is impossible.
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    Hello sunbumz !!!!!!!!
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    kevnmich are truly real but spend far too much time deleting single male picture collectors. What gives ? Hello sunbumz.
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    I thought I was a good judge of character and also very careful on here.
    recently i came across someone who i thought waa and who said was a *genuine* naturist and from him profile said he was a single father with two girls.
    he even has pictures of two young girls on his pic profile!!!
    after a few weeks of chatting there were a couple of warning bells and when i asked if he was married he kept saying "no i'm single"
    finally he came clean
    he was in fact married for 19 years to a wife who did not understand him ( if i'd had a pound for every time someone told me that, i'd be very wealthy by now).
    He has NO CHILDREN, and the pics he used were friends children.

    so you can understand why people are loosing faith in what is suppose to be a genuine naturist site.
    we are looking for our prince. how could anyone stoop so low to get his kicks.
    come on naturist lets stand tall there are a few GENUINE ones out there but it only takes one to spoil it for others.
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    I want to respond to the comment by sunflower20. It is a shame that you had that experience. I hope you will keep an open mind while you also use good judgement in the future. In my case, I am not looking for a romance or a sexual partner. I am married and I do not attempt to hide it. My wife understands me and loves me, as I love her. She simply is not a nudist. Will not even give it a try. She does not mind if I do. Unfortunately, most do not accept a single male that has no 'partner'.
    What I hope to find is a woman, who wants be be accompanied on outings without the expectation of a relationship or sexual encounter. I was a gold member here for 3 months. In that time, I did not find anyone who might like that kind of deal. So, I will continue my search here and elsewhere and try to be involved socially to what ever extent I can.
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    We are genuine, and have been on this site for about 3 months now, sore far we have chatted with many others, have found some that here to looking for a quick buck
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    We're new to the lifestyle and genuine
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    Genuine here, Central Florida, Playalinda is our fav!

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    Hi, i agree that there are some fake and weird people here, but hey!! Thats no different to the textile world is it? I too enjoy nudity for the freedom and comraderie is offers but I also admit that in some way, I am an exhibitonist. I am not lewd and I dont go out of my way to be in peoples faces, but if they want to look then thats fine by me. I am quite discreet about my nudity in most situations. Its no different to the textile world, when you meet someone for the first time, you are careful and take time to get to know the person. Once you become bettere acquainted then you relax and let go a bit, same with nudism.
    I am also trying to raise my 3 young daughters as nudists and while i dont hide anythng from them, I also am not into some of the strange activities that i have been told about by others. I beleive kids need to have a healthy understanding of their bodies both male and female, but that doesnt include personal sex lessons. Anyway, I hope to chat with more of you as time goes on, please feel free to contact me
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    I am and new
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    This is so true. I have e-mailed and wink at a load of people. Even some from this section and they have either totally blanked me or I've had some really weird replies. Im a naturist peeps not a pervert, a swinger, gay, or some sad person that others have found on this site.

    All im looking for is to chat to other naturist families, couples singles etc maybe exchange a few pics or so and maybe if a friendship blossoms meet up sometime later on... THAT MEANS AS A NATURIST NOT FOR SEX OR ANY OTHER STUPID SUGGESTION THAT SOMEONE SAYS
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    One more genuine nudist here. I just finished signing up earlier today. No time to post more, gotta rescue the kid from thr vile duress of summer school!
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    It is surprising to see how many profiles on the site are NOT GENUINE, they might be supposedly Single Males, seeking to 'Play away', have Photos on N.F that are years out of date. Supposedly 'Genuine Naturists' that are just Seeking Sexual partners be they Straight, Gay or Bi, then you have the Photo Collectors. As for locations, some declare and change there supposed locations at will. Then you have muliple listings, clearly the same person with different 'facts'

    We know of quite a few that are not what they claim to be. So folks, play 'Spot the Fraud' and identify them, so that they have been found out.
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    Couldn't agree more. Speaking as one who is usually nude indoors (and outdoors, in the garden, weather permitting)on a regular basis and a regular visitor to a couple of UK naturist beaches, it does seem that WE are now in the minority on here!!!

    Maybe you both would like to mail me on here and we can chat some more about the subject.

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    could not agree more ,my wife and i have been caravaners and naturist for quite a few years can we not just have agenuine naturist site without all the vulgarity as i am sure the we as proper naturist do not pose in what i would call obscene and erotic pictures
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    I would say there are a significant amount, like any conglomeration of people there are a lot of those who don't understand, but use the bandwagon. Unfortunately it will always take significant effort to discern true people from ones who are playing along or abusing privileges. Obviously I would say I am real, though I approached it through my own means and realizations. Everyone has a different definition of what it means to be a naturist, it is finding those who match your term that would make it easiest.