Is it ok to have you children start early with nudism? Family Forward to friends

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    From an early age is best so that they see it as natural. Not as some sick grotesque activity that only perverts do.

    It is natural, we know it. Best to start them off early. I have four children and the two eldests can barely keep their clothes on. LOL
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    I think it is good to start early to let the children feel free without clothes. I myself was borned in a very shy family, so I have had a hard way to go. I tried for my self when I was about ten, but it was not a good feeling because I was afraid that my parents should see me. My children has grown up in a nude atmosphere, but the middle child doesn?t like nudity. She did until she got a teenager and she still don?t like public nudity.
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    Yes, we have started our daugs quite early in nudsim and they now feel realy comfortable with being nude, at beach, club but also with dowtors when needed, and I hope it will help them when they will get more adult relations.

    So really, if you are ok with this please go on
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    HI, I am Heidi. I was raised in a nudist family around clubs and beaches etc. I had nudist and non nudist friends who could do as they pleased (Clothing wise) around our property. We had a pool and a dam where the local kids swam nude or with bathers. No one had a problem with it. Some parents found out and banned their kids from my memory. Anyway my partner and I both have kids from previous relationships who now are totaly comfortable with the family nudist lifestyle. They are made to feel totaly at ease and open with their developing bodies and sexuality around the house and within the family. We are sometimes quite surprised to be the only true family at the local nudist beach. In fact I had to restrict my daughter from being naked at our local textile beach when she started to develop. She said it was not her problem if other people had a problem. So what I am saying is that it can never be too young to introduce your kids to the natural nudist lifestyle. It surely is the only natural way to live.
    Cheers Heidi and Dave.
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    Raised in a very open liberal nudist family. Always felt growing up, how lucky I was being reared as nudist. My nudist parents were of the counter-culture type, did not raise us to have any body guilt, shame, or shyness. Sex was discussed freely, so puberty wasn't a trouble spot, experimenting sexually at home was encouraged, enjoyed. I am forever grateful to BOTH my parents for their DEEP love.
    Its is a great & exciting way to be raised naked.
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    My children have experienced their naturalist parents, and naturalism from the start, and they are very well adjusted. Naturalism is just that, natural. You might have to explain that it is not appopriate to shead their clothes while they are playing over at their friends house for the afternoon, but that in certain social forums, it is quite acceptable. It is also not nessacary to have them be out of diapers to be nude, it is very easy to potty train them via the power of suggestion. Simply take them to the potty often and ask if they feel the need to go. They realize quickly that there is nothing to keep them from going on themselves.
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    I was risen as a nudist by my parents. My first nudist event was my 1 year birthday party...too bad I slept the entire time.
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    Why not start them from as soon as they are potty trained to be nude. Raise them in a nudist environment from the beginning. It is a good environment.
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    I don't have any kids yet, but this is something that my fiancee and I have discussed.

    We have agreed that ours will be a nudist household and that when we have children, they will be raised as nudists right from the beginning.