how many women under 35 are shaved Australian Nudist Forward to friends

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    I like women with smooth bodies, too
    While my personal preference is for hair-free bodies (and waxed - not shaved- if possible..), I also believe it should be the individuals personal choice, and not dictated by the rest of us either way..
    I believe in taking the concept of "Fashion Freedom" to the extreme : that everyone - men, women and anyone in-between - should have the right to wear whatever they like [or not..] in their own time. This extends not only to men in skirts and women in pants, but also to public nudity, tattoos, body piercings and body painting..

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    my wife is over 35 have lazer hair removal wouldnt have it any other way

    J & d
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    My wife has been shaving since the 1970s when she was only 17. We now have 4 married sons. The oldest is 34 and his 33 yo wife is the only one of our daughter-in-laws who doesn't shave. The other 3, all in their 20s, shave and one has a clitoral piercing.Dep
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