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    My parents have allways been home only nudists,bringing me and my brother up made to ware clothing ,telling us its our decision to ware clothes our not when we grow up.I upon reaching 14yrs old decided it was about time to try nudisim for my self,i told my mum,who,gave me her blessing to try .I came in from school and took my uniform off in the living room ,then took my underware off to ,i went in to the garden it felt great the freash air all on me .Ifelt so free ,since then im happiest when naked.
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    I started sleeping nude at 13 and would walk around house nude when everone was gone. I also would go for nude walks in woods behind house. Love tanning nude at beach or my backyard in corpus christi
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    My first time was when I woke up late and just walked in he kitchen for breakfast and my family saw me, I was 13 and had been going nude in the woods alone for about a year. After that I would walk around nude any time I wanted to. I had three brothers but none of them would go nude with me. My oldest brother was well hund, about 9 or 10 ins when soft ( we often had to take baths together) and I would marvel at his length. The rest was about average. Nobody else in my family would sleepnude but me. My grandmother would really talk to me about all the evils of showing my body to others but never made me put clothes on. We lived in the deep south in lower Mississippi wher it would be very hot. We worked it the fields all day and I would strip and wear nothing but my brothers would wear shorts. Everybody in my family thought I was gay but I wasn't. I'm 57 and still not wearing anything.
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    my first time being nude outdoors was with a friend who knew of this place on the american river. i told him that i had always wanted to go to a nude beach, lake, river etc. so we went one weekeday since it wasnt very busy what with me being shy and such. there were about a doz. or so people there as we hiked down to the water. that day sold me. im talkiing about 19-20 yrs now.  since then i have been to south padre island Tx., hippie hollow Austin Tx.numerous times, black sand beach on the marin side of the golden gate bridge, santa cruz Ca.,  and my favorite place i stayed in Maui for a month and went to Little Beach everyday for 30 days. can you imagine being at the beach from 10-11 am to near to sunset for a month ?  my best experince to this day. nowi i just hang in the backyard out by the pool every opportunity i can get.  in all these ventures i have met some of the best people i know. all walks of life and no judgement. for once im not being judged about anyting...............  were all equals nude !  thats the way i see it.

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    after being a home nudist in il. i moved to tx. and discovered south padre island. i went there last summer for the first time. i drove down the beach until i saw a group of people in the nude, so i drove past them about 50 yards or so and parked, got out, and got naked. at first i stayed near my truck but after awhile i walked down to the water and took a swim. when i came out of the water there was a woman standing there naked and she welcomed me to the beach and told me that she and her husband had been comming there for over 20 years. i've been back several times since than and i love it.
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    When I was about 11 we lived in the country, far from most people. Where I lived was surrounded by woodland and on good days at weekends/holidays I used to take a picnic and wander through the woods. The first time I decided to go naked was after a small accident when I tripped and fell in some cow poop. The only thing to do was go home and change or wash it out in the stream. I chose the latter. Rather than sit and wait for my things to dry I started wandering. It fealt so good not wearing clothes and soon I was completely at ease. That did it and I've gone naked at the first opportunity ever since.
  • View author's info Posted on Jul 16, 2010 at 10:41 AM

    First time was at Holkham nudist beach in Norfolk. Funny that I felt less self concious in front of strangers than people I know. Noone knows I do this! Less self concious in front of women than men. Perhaps I feel they are less judging. Someone explain that please!
  • View author's info Posted on Jul 15, 2010 at 04:43 PM

    My first nudist experience was when I joined a nudist club. I was a home nudist but never out in public with other nudists. I got to the club and was sitting around talking with the other people who were textiled. suddenly the hostess came into the room nude, then others got up and came back to the room nude. I thought what the heck. I went in and got nude also, came out with just a towel and have enjoy the nudist lifestyle ever since. I try to go to nudist activities as much as possible.
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  • View author's info Posted on Jul 13, 2010 at 03:55 PM

    When I was 11 I had seen a story on 20/20 about nude beaches (this was back in the 70's). I had never heard of anything like it before and couldn't believe that men and women actually walked around naked in front of each other like that! Yet something about it was intriguing and after thinking about it, I had decided that I would try it someday. Unfortunately I had grown up in a textile household, and I knew that my parents would never take me to a nude beach. So I had to bide my time until I could take the plunge on my own.
    I finally got my chance when I was 20 years old - I was working for an engineering company that had sent me to San Francisco for a 3 month assignment. While I was there, I did some research and found that the north end of Baker Beach in S.F. was in fact a nude beach.
    So one day when I got off from work, I immediately headed home to get my stuff and then head out to Baker Beach. I found the beach parking lot on the south end, then parked and walked up the beach to the north end. I wasn't sure if there were going to be any other nudists there, but sure enough when I got to the north end, there were about a dozen nude people sunning themselves.
    I picked out an open spot, sort of in the middle of the nudists, but not really close to anyone. I remember the butterflies and nerves in my stomach as I laid out my towel and then took off my shirt. Then off came my outer shorts, leaving me in just my bikini underwear. I knew I couldn't stop now, and the anticipation was building... I remember exactly how freeing it felt as I slid my bikini down to my ankles & then stepped out of it.
    It felt incredible being out there totally naked, having the sun shine on my entire body and give me a warm feeling all over. Any inhibitions went away immediately, and I was thinking how I didn't want that day to end. I even took a quick walk down to the water and back, and was getting turned on not only by seeing others naked, but also by knowing that everyone else was seeing me too. Sometimes I wish I could go back and do it all over again.
    Ironically enough, earlier this year my parents were visiting me and my GF and my Mom actually said to us that she always wanted to try a nude beach! They don't know that my GF & I are nudists, so we just laughed when my Mom said that. Who knew?
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  • View author's info Posted on Jul 11, 2010 at 07:23 PM

    I love being nude at home and walk around a lot naked, but my first real naturailist moment just happened. I wehn to these hot springs in colorado called valley view hot springs, they said as I was walking in that it was a clothing optional resort. when I entered everyone had choosen to go nude. I walked around a bit with my clothes on, then made the choice to go nude cause I felt akward since everyone eles was naked. after walking around a bit I finally started to feel free, and really enjoyed the time/experince.
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    I guess my real first time was when I was with a group of friends taking part in a traditional skinny dipping in a lake nearby on midsummer night.
    I was fun, but it was a bit strange to show myself to people I knew for some time but had never seen me nude before. And to see those girls and boys naked as well. We were all around 17-18 years old and you can imagine some of the effects..
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    (not including taking baths in a no. 2 wash tub ) my first time nudism was skinny-dipping with my best friend, his girl friend and her sister. we had a blast. i had to go textile until my wife and i split the sheets. now i am nude whenever possible and liking it. i live in arlington, tx. and am close to several resorts to visit but havn't taken the plunge as of yet. but i am looking for friends to hang out with.
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    My first time was when I visited a Florida Nudist resort. I was at first nervous because I don't have a trim body. In fact at 280 I have considerable "love handles". However, when I arrived at the resort, the first thing I did when I reached the cabin was to strip off all of the clothing that made me feel so uncomfortable. I was free at last and the next day, I met so many people who could care less how I looked. I enjoy the sun, wind, and water against my skin. It is liberating...refreshing. I have been to several resorts in my home state of Texas since, and I am blessed to have three such resorts within a 45 minute drive from where I live. I have met many new friends that share my interest in social nudity. I love the laughter of children frolicking in the water and totally oblivious to body shame. That is the way to raise up kids something I wasn't able to do when I had children.

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    the first time I experienced was in the courtyard of the house butt was exciting to feel the sun's heat through my body
    in the evening to sleep naked in my house gets a feeling of relaxation and lime unimaginable welfare ma himself is highly recommended

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  • View author's info Posted on Jul 03, 2010 at 03:32 AM

    I've never been to an official nudist beach but i've been finding secluded spots deep inside the forest thats near to where i live to strip naked on hot summers days, i always make sure that the people cant see me but i can see them which gives me a nice feeling knowing that people are oblivious to me lying naked just yards away as they pass by and on occasions sometimes they even jump into a bush nearby and pee it's funny the the things people say and do when they dont know that someone i can see and hear everything there doing
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    my first real time i decided at around midnight i would go on a naked walk 'round the block and i've been doing it ever since
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    My first time nudity in the public was in the camp at seaside. When we arriwed to the camp, we found right place. It was very hot. I took off my shirt and my shorts. I started to pitch a tent. And from that moment I started to enjoy nudity. It was realy nice.
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    My first time was at my backyard. I layed a towel down on a . I took off my shirt and my shorts and enjoyed the sun warming my naked skin. It feeled like I had a hot towel on my skin.





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