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    Our first nude experience was at my sisters house. I was about a month after finishing breastfeeding our 1 1/2 year old son and my breasts were still large. After a few drinks and with the summer heat, we played a game of strip poker. My hubby was the winner both ways as he still had is tshirt and briefs on in addition to getting to see us 2 ladies naked as the day we were born. I was a bit shy at first but when it came down to the last article of clothing (my sundress) I slowly slipped it down and off. My brother inlaw commented what a lovely sight which made me feel a bit less shy. Seems we (my sis and I) turned them on a bit because soon after our hubbys were sporting their woodies which turned us both on. Thats another story. But was able to feel comfortable after a bit.
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    I was in the showere and david came home with a friend and did not tell me. When i realized he was ther when i ran in the front room naked and jumped on david to kiss him. Then both were shocked i was naked and when i realized i got really embrassed. they joked about it for a while and after terry left i told david if he ever mentioned it i was really goign to embrasses him by getting naked in front of whoever he told it to. he laughed and said he did not believe me since we were both virgins when we married. Well a couple of weeks later he ahd 6 of his freinds over for a crdd game and terry mentioned it ans david chimed in it was really funny they way i acted after terry le3ft. one of the guys said that must ahve been a sight and david and terry both said at he smae time a very sexy sight. I went back in the bedroom and stripped and walke dout and asked htem all if they though i was sexy theyr mouths dropped to the floor i did not put on anhy clothes thewhole time they were there
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    My first time was in Higgins lake in northern Michigan, i was skinny dipping with my girl frind at the time and when we were 100 feet out into that lake 8 to 10 cars pulled up right where we were parked and startted a party! i had to walk up and get our stuff that was right in the middle of everyone butt naked! ya my girl was hidding in the woods waiting for me, it is something i will never forget!
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    I was on our honeymoon in Hawaii, wearing a bikini for the first time. My husband led me to a nude beach where I was wearing the most clothing. Naked men and women were so friendly to me. Within a half hour I was naked and 34 years later, I still love being naked.

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    I read your story about new Cruises. Where can these be booked and can you tell me how to sign up for one? Rick
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    My first time with others was when I was 8. We lived in the rural area and my nearest classmate was a mile away. He invited me over to play. We were roughousing in the backyard and ended up in the pool. His parents had us give them our clothes so they could dry them so we just played naked for an hour or so. Had a great time and did not want to put the clothes back on.
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    My first time was 20 years ago. My girlfriend saw an article in the Orange County register about a southern section of San Onofre beach where nudists gathered.

    We went and ended up playing volleyball with a bunch of young nudists. Volleyball is such a great sport . . . . nude!

    Looking forward to this summer. Let me know if you are having a nude pool party. I will try to have one myself. Message me if you are close to San Diego.

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  • View author's info Posted on Mar 20, 2011 at 05:48 PM

    Nude PE classes? Where was that? Wish I'd been there.

    Tell me more, please.

    My first time was at an unapproved river setting. I was around 24 and loved it. It became quite popular and is now approved.
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    Well apart from being nude a lot as a child, my first adult nude experience was last summer at a beach. I really only thought I would go topless but after about half the day I was convinced to remove my bottoms too. I was very nervous about being exposed and seen, but everyone else at the beach was naked so once I was nude it actually felt like a relief. I was amazed at how many different shapes and bodies there are and it was the first time seeing so many naked men! I AM used to seeing naked women at the gym, so it was a surprise and eye opener!!! Not that I am complaining. I have gone a few more times and feel pretty comfortable being naked and dont feel shy any more.
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    Four Seasons Resort in Ontario, Canada - just west of Toronto.  It was in 1992. 

    Having been raised in Australia and traveling quite a bit - I had often sunbathed topless - so the transition was quite easy.  Now, I hate to be around a clothed pool or beach and always look for nudist locations when planning vacations.

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    You know, I completely forgot that when i was in high school the PE swim class of boys was not allowed to wear swim trunks so all us guys were completely nude when in swimming class.
    I never gave it a thought and it wasn't weird and there were all types and sizes in there.
    I loved swimming nude.
    And when we went to the lake I would swim out and take off my trunks and swim around nude with all the other people, but the water was so murky you couldn't tell.
    Sometimes I would dive down so my butt would show, but no one noticed.
    I almost lost my trunks one time, that would have been a problem.

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  • View author's info Posted on Mar 11, 2011 at 07:25 AM

    Not counting sports locker rooms, I believe the first time I was openly naked around people I didn't know that were also naked was probablly my first nude beach while I was living in LA. I was 18 and went with some friends that were use to it, but I've never been that good at hiding my "feelings" so ended up laying on my stomach the whole afternoon and frying my ass cheeks!
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    I guess i always have been nude in family but I remember it from the age of 4; we lived in south france spring was hot in this early 60's and I remember the woman who raised me up to 8,(Odette she was a sort of Grandma for me) and her daughter (they were around 55 and 14 y old) and me nude on the back part of house; I can remember some months later, when a friend of Odette came at home; she was older (about 65-70 old) I was proud to be nude in front of her when she kissed me ; she rapidly took off her dress and I was surprised to see that her pubis was as white as her hair lol she laughed about my reaction ; I can remember she took me on her laps and that she let me touch her breast ;it was a very nice day

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  • View author's info Posted on Feb 12, 2011 at 09:20 AM

    My first was at a local beach. I was 22 at the time.My girl friend was with me. There we're no others there at the time. So she took heer top off. So after awhile she slid her bottom off. She asked if I would join her. Being a male at that age was a little tough at the time if you know what I mean.So I said I'd give it a try. Lets say it took me 15 minutes to uncover below the waste. But since then I learned now to control that problem and have gone naked ever since.
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