How young were you? First nudist experience Forward to friends

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    Yes, Water :) LOVE IT!!!

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    First time I went nude and was seen, I was about 12 years old.  We had a pool in the backyard and I would skinny dip by myself when the rest of the family wasn't home.  Well, it was exciting to find out that the twin girls that lived next door could see me out there swimming around.  I didn't think anyone could see me, and they didn't tell me this until a few years later.  Something about being around a body of water and being naked, just feels so right.

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    I was about 12, lived in the country, I would go to the creek strip naked and wander the woods and fields

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    First time I remember being nude and "seen" was about 6 yrs old when I stood naked in my bedroom window. Occasional opportunities occurred over the years with skinny dipping, jaking off with other teens and so on. One time at camp the kids stole my clothes at the shower building and I had to go back to the cottage naked (and laughed at, lol),


    First time I went to a nudist beach was Blacks near La Jolla, CA. I climbed down the steep cliff pathway wearing shorts and t-shirt and carrying beer in my backpack. At the bottom of the cliff I looked left and saw all of the clothed people, young, old, families. 


    I looked to my right and everyone was naked, young, old, families. Right beside me were these guys and gals playing vollyball nude. A little farther on was a family with young kids, then a mix of all you can imagine up the beach. I'd been nervous considering whether I could walk nude on the beach, but after seeing all these people, I decide that I'd better make a move, immediately. So I dropped my shorts, put them and t-shirt in the back pack and walked off among the nudists and naturists and nakedists.


    Immediately I had an erection and saw many other men walking aroound with erection, so I just walked on. Some impressive things happened that afternoon. 


    One memorable site was a group of teen boys playing soccer. Their adult coach wore swim suit but the guys were playing shorts and skins. After some time, they switched with the shorts stripping and the skins putting on shorts.


    A group of three people called me over to where they sat fully clothed. They asked could I take a picture, and I said, no no no. They apolotized and explained that they meant for me to take their picture. The two girls and a guy took their time posing as I stood there naked before them, still fully erect. After taking the first picture they wanted to see it on the camera so they had me stand close. The guy looked at the image, but the girls stared at my hard on. "We need another picture," they said. So we repeated this three times. Finally, I asked why they came to nude beach and remained clothed. They said they liked the scenery, but they were leaving soon. Would I like to go with them to their hotel and so on. All of this was way beyond my imagination. I told them no and moved on down the beach. Not sure what they had in mind for the hotel.


    Along the way I borrowed some high PF sunscreen for my untanned genital area and butt. The guy who gave it to me explained that there was an impressive site way at the north end, a ship's anchor up in the sand and that I should go around the point of the cliff to see the scenery there.


    After a long walk I rounded the point and wondered what he saw that was so amazing. I continued walking and saw a mom with 20 something son and daughter walking toward me. they were fully clothed, but I figured they knew it was a nude beach so continued toward them. As I got within 20 feet or so, the mom said something and the kids looked away as I passed. The mom stared at my penis though and said hi.


    Not much farther along I found a sign telling me that this was a clothed area, no nudes welcomed. So I turned around and went back, passing the threesome again, of course. This time none of them looked away. As a matter of fact the mom stopped me for conversation while all of them stared at my nakedness. This was all very new for me and very arousing. After a bit I went on south around the point of the cliff and found a place to spread out my towel. Wthin minutes the threesome rounded the bend and came to set up their towels near me. A couple hours with them wound up with all of them nude as well, playing in the water, coming back and forth to sit with me and mom.


    Oh .. the stories continue ... all of this on my first day at a nude beach. And I've been addicted to nude beaches since, exploring them wherever I can find them in Caribbean, Med, Europe, and US. Almost always a story of some kind comes from the adventure, but what I like most is simply being nude in the sunshine with others.

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    Would any of you be intrested in answering some questions via email for a research project about nudists and the nudist lifestyle?  Basic questions about how you became a nudist, what type of nudist activities you enjoy, etc.  You will remain anonymous.  Just send me a message with you email address.  Thanks.

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    Probably 11 or 12. I had two guy friends with whom I loved to get nude with. As soom as we stripped, we'd be erect. It was all so naughty and sensual to us. 

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    Hi all,


    My first experience was at age 8. I never liked clothes as a child but with four sisters and three brothers it was not permitted. I lived in a rual area and had a friend about a mile away. One summer day while playing in his yard we got pretty muddy and his parents had us strip outside and give them our clothes to wash. we played for about two hours nude outsid and when the clothes were clean we went inside but never thought to get dressed and the parents did not tell us to get dressed. It was the best day.

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    i was 15 ,i had been thinking about going naked for a quite a while .after having a shower i started going downstairs wrapped in my towel walking about in front of my sister and mum ,once they were used to seeing me like that ,i one day walked into the lounge with my towel just draped over my penis with my bum on display,i told them that im interested in becoming a nudist but ill keep my towel drapped over my manhood to save them any embarestment,my sister said she would not be embaresed ,go naked if you like she said,mum said im suprised you showed your bum you wont drop that towel,will you go on then .i dropped the towel to the floor standing naked in front of them,after their giggling finnished ,i said this feels great beeing freely nude,so get used to seeing me like this,ive been going naked at home ever since .im trying to convince them to go nude to ,mum wont and my sister wont go nude but seems happy for mr to see her in just her underware,think she does it just to see me erect

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    hOW DID you END UP WITH SUCH A LARGE penis ?

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    I was bought up within a nudist family environment so from the age of 5/6 I have great memories of naturist holidays and being naked alot at home.

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    sneeked out of my home i was 14 so were they.. late at night her an girlfriend were sleeping out in her folks camper in back yard first time naked with girl.met up with girlfreind..pants were wet so she told me to take pants off..bonr got stiff quick..did it caught..parents made us break up  got grounded all that summer  girl moved away before next school season..still miss her

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    first time? i was 14 yrs old , skinny dipping in the trent river. loved it ever since

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    Since college days...17/18.


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    I have really enjoyed reading some of the detailed posts by people.  I really seems to break into to groups:  I grew up in a nudist family, and I have always had a secret fascination with nudity.  


    For me I fell into the secret fascination.  I lived in the country with plenty of open space.  We had a few farm ponds around us and during the summer it was a easy place to cool off.   One day I wanted to cool off but I didn't have my swimsuit so I just stripped down and jumped in.  I thought that it was so cool being outside naked and I loved the way that the sun felt on me.  I started to come back just to skinny dip.  One time I was there I told my friend about it and we both decided to jump in.  Eventually some of the neighborhood girls joined us and it became a regular occurance.  In college I lived in a co-ed dorm and we would hang out nude in our rooms with some of the girls.  The skinny dipping continued through college until I moved to the east coast near Sandy Hook.  


    Once I located Sandy Hook, I couldn't wait to go there, but I didn't have anyone to go with.  I went alone and sat off to the side.  I realized that I loved being out in public nude so I quickly made friends.  This beach was so laid back and different from the typical NJ beaches.  I would introduce my friends and take dates there.  I even had some female colleagues that would go with me.  When I moved to SoCal, I choose a place close to Black's Beach.  I went there as often as the weather permitted, but it didn't have the same friendly vibe as Sandy Hook.  Fortunately I made friends with several women that loved being nude so we would go there, in the desert, or mountains and get nude.  

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    when i was 16 I lived where there was a naturist beach nearby with sand dunes. On hot summer evening  I would go down to a secluded area and strip of and sunbath totally naked. The warm evening sun felt incredible on my naked body - and if i thought the beach was deserted i would get very adventurous and leave my clothes hidden in a sand dune and walk about naked. I got caught once - by a woman and her 2 daughters walking their dog through the dunes. The older girl  went to my school. She saw me, glancing at my penis as she walked by me, said Hi and gave me a huge smile.

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    I was about 14 at boy scout camp at a lake in Virginia.  All men and boys skinny dipped.  It was the most freedom that I had ever had.  The sight of 70 or 80 guys running nude was and still is exhilarating.  I do it every chance I get.

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    I grew up in a small town in Upstate New York and my butt never saw the light of day until I was 19. I had moved to San Diego, CA and a coworker told me about a nude beach there, Black's Beach. I finally got the nerve to go there. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life!  I couldn't believe there was that many nude people on the earth, let alone on one beach!  I was so scared to take off my shorts, but there were about 1000 others around me naked, so off they came.  I was nervous that I might get excited "down there," so I spent most of the day on my stomach.  My buns were so burned that first day that I had trouble sitting for days. I did fall asleep on the beach once only to wake with an errection and a bunch of guys huddled around me. I was so emmbarrased! I've been a practicing nudist ever since.  I met so many other nudists down there and used to have my body painted to show off.  I will never forget my early nudist years as long as I live.


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    i was around 12 and i remeber going to a pool with my uncle he said everyone had to be nude in this place and it was really fun and had quite abit of fun

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    Started around 11-12 yrs old with a neighbor boy a few years younger.  They were well-off and had a beautiful basement and his Dad had Playboy magazines all over the house.  Nude pictures on the basement walls, so one thing lead to another and we'd strip naked and walk around and play with each other.  Then I started to get the "older" reaction(erection)and have pre-cum releases.  Have been a nudist ever since...

    Visited Little Beach on Mau'i a few years ago with GF and really liked it.  I do go bare around the house in the warm weather, but want to move to AZ., as soon as I can, so I can be bare 24/7.

    Nude is not Crude - Nude is Natural.

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    Quite a good sized "member" you have there!  Is that you r natural length, or are you pre-erection?