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    Quoting needylife:

    A woman rather prefer having sex with an uncircumcised penis due to receiving increased sensation the foreskin provides with in/out probing of her vagina. Contrary to belief, an uncircumcised penis is cleaner as the foreskin covers the glan.

    Maybe is also a question of shape and size.
    My woman get the best pleasure with a friend that is circumcised. His penis has a longer shaft and a huge glans, so all the foreskin of my tiny cock can't give same strong stimulation.
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    I am uncut with a quite short foreskin, so I have the head of my penis very easly out and uncovered. I feel much more confortable and I think it give a clean and better look to males genitals. When naked, I feel more confortable with males shaved and with fully exposed glans. My woman like that too.
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    I was circumsiced at birth.  Research has show that a circumcised penis does not retain the STD's that a noncircumsiced one.  The viruses and bacteris are not trapped inside if the foreskin is not there.  In the african nations, research has shown that when men are circumsiced, the rate of HIV/AIDS goes down by as much as 50%.
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    I was not circumcised as a child.  As a young boy, I remember the feeling of pulling the tight foreskin back a little bit over the head, and the sensation it gave.  The foreskin was quite tight, I can remember that when I had a bath it was always difficult to get the skin to retract fully to wash the head properly, and then it was slightly painful to get the skin back over the head to its' natural place.  But it felt nice and gave me an erection each time I forced the skin back, and I would masturbate each time.  Gradually I could get the foreskin back further and further.  Once, when I was in my twenties, I entertained a lady in my flat.  She was wearing a girdle, which she would not take off for vanity reasons, but she wanted sex, and in my naive horny state I obliged.  After finishing, her panties were all bloody, and she thought she must be having her period, but I found that I had torn my foreskin and my dick had bled a lot.  The point about relating this, was that I ended up with a small bit of scar tissue on the side of my foreskin, that would tear open constantly during sex, for the rest of my life.  It would not bleed, but it would be raw and sore.  ..  Asking a doctor about it, I was told that I should have it cut off, that I seemed to have too much foreskin anyway.  There was no way I was going to do this.  I needed all that foreskin, when I got an erection, the skin would retract all the way and I would be long and proud.    ..  Then I became separated.  No sex for many years.  Slowly the foreskin shrank, until I could not retract it at all.  When I tried to slide it back, with lots of lube and stretching, it would tear again and bleed.  Eventually it shrank around the tip until I could not even slide my finger inside.  I had Phimosis..  or foreskin shrinkage.  The doctors simply game me various creams..  none of which worked.  Finally I had no option but to have a surgical procedure called a 'dorsal slit'.   I'll spare you the details of the trauma I went through, feeling like I had been mutilated.  But it finally healed, and now I have a partial helmet on the glans.  It retracts, but rarely stays covered.  I can only cover the sides and the bottom, not the top, which gets suntanned.  Slide the helmet back, and it shows.    ..  From a sensation point of view, keeping the foreskin and peeling it back is very sensuous.  The way it is now, it will slide back by itself while I walk, or just sit around.  I would guess that a circumcised penis head would not have as much sensation as what this gives me.  I am horny most of the time.  ..  The moral of the story is that having had a foreskin, and now having it retracted most of the time, I am glad that I was not circumcised..  I have always found it extremely sensuous to retract the skin and have so much sensation in the glans.  When I slid it back under my pants, it gave me a hardon ..  which, on many occasions, got me into trouble.  But I am of the opinion that it a kid is cut when young, that he likely loses some of this feeling, and thus misses out on a lot of fun.
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    Well, I am circumcised and believe that I have plenty of sensitivity and sensation in my penis, but I do wonder if being circumcised at a very early age (before 1 year I think) caused my penis to ultimately be smaller. I mean would the average length have been something more as I grew up or does the internal structure of ligaments, blood vessels and other tissues determine its ultimate length? Either way I am not about to go back and change anything no surgically, no way! Ain't nobody performing ANY sort of surgery on my johnson unless they have a fully loaded gun to my head and my family held hostage as well.

    Are the alternative surgery styles? What about cutting the bottom of the Foreskin and leaving the top like a raincoat draped over the penis? This would leave extra skin on the top (or front) when the appendage is dangling and we are running naked through the bush (hunting with spears and axes...) and possibly also serve as a little extra baggage during sexual intercourse for stimulation of the self AND partner.

    (I guess maybe I am just using a bit of imagination and wondering IF it were possible to do something different, what would it be??...)
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    I wholeheartedly disagree! I love the look of an uncircumcised penis just as much, if not more, than a circumcised penis...and fellatio with an uncircumcised penis is so much more fun!
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    I don't understand why one would get circumcised for sexual reasons...can you explain? thanks.
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    I've been uncircumcised all my life and never lived life any differently. Sex is great, never had health problems down there, and people still say I look good. In the end in doesn't matter whether your cut or uncut, as long as you feel comfortable with bodies. That is what naturism is all about!
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    BigDave2010 it goes a bit beyond Biblical, tribal people was circumcising without knowing what was written there. circumcision was more than a tribal ritual, I'm sure that they was doing it for the same reason we still do today, health, it's sexual advantages of one being that males that are circumcised can get erections easier and hold them for longer and I'm sure that there are more reasons.
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    Re: LastOutlaw's question about sensitivity after circumcision. I was Circumsized at 28. I'm 64 now. Believe me, the skin kept me more sensitive. It didn't take 36 years to lose sensitivity. It was lost in a few months.
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    Yes I am not circumcised and my penis is very sensitive to sexual stimulation.
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    I still have my foreskin too and I am 47, and I will probably never have it cut off.
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    I dont shave my private area around my penis, am I supposed to a couple of other guys I know told me they did.
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    I'm curious if your cock head was more sensitive before circumcision since it spent most of its time covered by skin.
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    If your born with normal human anatomy,why remove it?
    Why not temove your dicks.. or your fingers....or our heads....

    Uncut and as Nature designed......
    glad mine was left intact....

    On the beach i can pull mine back or leave it forwards.... i can change to suit my "surroundings" lol
    Lots compliment my "uncut"
    Smooth is sexy both ways...
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    That is not true. It is ugly with that extra skin hanging there
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    Well have to admit I have had some great comments on my member in clubs from both sexes. I am average size (circularized as birth) and appreciate the positive feed back on the look of my member, it is pleasing. I am comfortable in my lot and enjoy feel of freedom nudism gives me. The people I me and the friendships I have. Pitty I have to wear clothes as any time.

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    We do not live in the dark ages. Modern medical circumcision is not torture & there is NO agony or pain. AND, circumcision is Biblical.
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