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    Two weeks. But then, most of our property is clothing optional, so we're generally in at least some state of undressed anyway. It's a mite too cool tonight, it's only in the mid-70s.
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    We are going to Pondarosa Resort near Canton Texas this year for July 4th week. Plan on arriving early Saturday morning June 30 and leaving late Sundaythe 8th if possible so as to have the logest time available. Who knows, we may be able to stretch it out to a full 9 days this time. Will let y'all know after the 8th. Hope to see some of you there. Let me know if you can make it.
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    Quoting temeraire:

    14 days Cap d'Agde '07. Nothing but flipflops.Slept on top of the bed too.

    I would like to do 2 weeks nude all at one time. I don't want to travel all the way to France to do it though.
     I all ways sleep on top of the bed, it's just too confined trying to sleep Under the bed, usually just a bedsheet over me. My dogs sleep under the bed sometimes.
  • View author's info Posted on Apr 15, 2012 at 06:24 AM

    14 days Cap d'Agde '07. Nothing but flipflops.Slept on top of the bed too.
  • View author's info Posted on Apr 11, 2012 at 09:01 PM

    Three long weekends, the ones away from home:

    Jardin del Sol resort in Arizona. Spent the weekend exploring the club which featured a rustic looking Old West town with some storefronts and other buildings. This was during one of their annual Chili Cook-off weekends and I went to the pool, explored trails around the club, took photographs of my self using a timer and spent the night camped out in a dome tent during a thunderstorm! The winds blew so hard the side of the tent buckled in and I could feel the water rushing along the ground near the edges of the dome. I cannot remember falling asleep and in the morning all was well; nobody got washed away. Total time: Approximately 48 hours.

    Camping in the Verde Valley area of Arizona: Spent my first weekend camping out and meeting the members of Canyon State Naturists for the first time. Emerged from my tent nude in the morning, having not met anyone yet, and was greeted by a Bikini clad lady who said, "Sir, you are naked!" to which I replied, "Why yes I am." Of course it was shortly after this I learned she was a member of CSN and had been messing with me. We had a great weekend in the Hot Springs, hiking around the area and playing along the river banks. Total time: Approximately 48 hours.

    Visiting the Avalon campground in Virginia (its old, first location): I arrived very early on a Saturday morning before anyone else and was either directed up the dirt road to the camping area or just proceeded on my own. I do not recall if this was the first or second visit, but I came prepared with a carload of camping tools, cooler full of food, camera, folding-style lawn chairs, sleeping bag, tent and flashlight. My car was a hatchback so it lent itself to camping and could be retreated to in the event of an unexpected storm or sudden cold turn in the weather. However, this was BEFORE my above recounted trip to Jardin del Sol and the thunderstorm, so you would think that I would have been better prepared for that later trip.

    I did take a picture of myself standing naked outside my car and being early in the morning the sunrise light was pinkish and really awesome. It was a simple thing but I was so happy, proud and pleased of the photograph I carried it with me for several years; fully intending to show it to anyone who asked what I had done that weekend. Many people turned out this weekend and we all gathered around the campfire late into the evening. I remained nude even when the temperature dropped and others wrapped themselves in blankets or put on long t-shirts and things. Being a relatively new nudist I was determined to hang tough, enjoy being nude and demonstrate my commitment to this activity in front of a group to whom I was relatively unfamiliar. I recall someone brought a guitar and played music around the roaring campfire while everyone listened and enjoyed the setting. Later that night I woke looking out my tent window and saw a very large shooting star pass directly overhead. I felt blessed to have woken up just briefly enough to see this thing go by and that was the cherry on the Sundae of a great weekend! --- I think I drove home at least part of the way before slipping into my shorts, so this weekend was longer than others described here. Total time: More than 48 hours.
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    I often spend time at some of the nudist / naturist camp sites and resorts in the south of France each summer. One is able to spend a very relaxing time naked, camping by the beach at Euronat on the west coast, or camping in the oak forest by the river at Domaine de la Sabliere. I tend to park the car up at the start of the holiday and then enjoy the surroundings, without the need for clothes for days on end, even in the evenings. There is nothing better than going to one of the outdoor bars in the evening, meeting up with friends, visiting the supermarket, going to the the swimming pool or cycling to the beach smooth and nude. On one of these holidays, the longest time nude I managed, without putting any clothes on at all, was eight days at Euronat.
    Smooth Graham, UK
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    So, no one cares to comment on what their longest time has been spent totally nude? With the exception of foureyes? I was hoping by now several people would have added their experiences about the max time nude they have done. I guess it's too tame of a subject for anyone to want to say anything about. Either that or no one really ever spends any time nude or not enough to speak of.
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    I thought for sure this topic would have had lots of replies, but so far just one. I remember the first time I finally made it a full 24 hours. It was indoors during a rainy winter weekend, I had to dress and go to the store for some stuff, but came back and got nude all over again.
    Four eyes if you happened to miss church just one weekend you could extend your time at least by another 24.
    Anyone else want to share anything about the longest time you have spent nude?
    When I watched the movie "Castaway" with Tom Hanks, I figured if I had been in a similar situation, I would have been nude the whole time. That's probably the way the rescuers would have found me.
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    Can't match that, by any means. But I have been able to stay nude for 30 hours or so. After work on Friday, I can shed my work cloths and be naked that night, all day Saturday, until Sunday morning, when I get dressed (ugh) to head off to Church.

    It's a lot more pleasant in the spring and summer, but any mild weekend will work!
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