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    most daring places do this is that I have ever done was on my own doorstep I have the door open I want to take a picture of myself as the window next door as I didn't know whether anybody was actually at the window quote after the ladies at the kitchen is she was he would sell me a funny angle of my door anybody because of work around that Connor I took a chance it took me about a good in it to get my hands on the camera to take a picture of myself just for that picture I took a big chance it's on my own doorstepto be honest with you I would like to get car have enjoyed it email about 20 years of age I actually like to do this from now on like the idea of that explains it least once a day it's great makes me feel alive the idea of it.already have it maybe not the most daring she was a little bit dangerous.so if I don't like to do as a joist on the patio doors in the mornings open up the curtains and I stand there naked completely but I can see through the windows and the other side and all these people in there and they must be catching a good form of me every now and then enjoy it as I relax and think they don't know that I don't know they can see me enjoy to show myself off I like it I like being naked I think it's great I love it the best thing in the world I like being naked in front of women I like women who are taught about the naked I would like to find a lady who enjoys having daring naked fun like to enjoy outdoor sex with their Ringway actually enjoy the idea especially the NHS will be getting Kart having sex on purpose.I really do want to do that any ladies interested in having sex outside being dangerous with it it's only looking at us it's something that I really want to do I really want to enjoy the lady who enjoys it about 2 hours so get caught naked hair fantasising want to do this came the nature lists so You Think You Can Dance of the lady taking pictures of me and join myself sexually playing in myself only going Philip and I wait and I know this too young ladies you were going to work around the corner naked see me and I can't wait to see you need to this year open minded good fun I really look at then you look at me say enjoy love you and I love it stops me Myself and I beauty sleep honey my girls are making me getting horny so you like my little story enjoyed it was a minute on my doorstep a very good chance of doing it the lady next door I was in the kitchen as somebody was an extremely good chance of the dates and it's so you could work past

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    Would love to ride you, I mean with you. lol

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  • View author's info Posted on Jul 18, 2015 at 07:03 PM

    Walking around National and state park campgrounds nude late at night and early in the morning as the sun comes up. Weekdays are seldom crowded making the chances of getting caught less likely. So far, so good.


    I drive to the beach nude every two weeks or so......a 90 mile trip one way.


    If I am boating, chances are I am nude. I did get stopped once by Fish and Wildlife for a boat inspection, but managed to slip on some shorts before he saw me.

  • View author's info Posted on Jul 14, 2015 at 10:41 PM

    Driving, World Naked Bike Ride and in the bush/paths.

  • View author's info Posted on Jul 13, 2015 at 05:09 PM

    I have been caught naked skinnydipping a number of times. Most people understsnd and do not care. eNJOY BEING NUDE!

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  • View author's info Posted on Jul 05, 2015 at 11:49 AM

    i've got a long list of crazy places i've been naked,

    me  and my gf  drove from Chicago to western south dakota only putting on a pair of shorts to get gas,

    i was completely naked with mf gf having sex on  a picnic table at a road side rest area,

    hiking with my gf we used our clothes like bread crums to find our ay back, we ended up walking along a ledge completely naked for about 6 miles,

    i spent an entire day naked out cliff jumping with a couple friends and about 30 poeple i never met,

    i talked my gf into skinny dipping at a public beach, i already was, we ened up having sex there within sight of a couple hundred people but nobody noticed,

    my x and i got naked in a public hotel hot tub

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    WOW  Too many choices.  I do regulaarly when  it is warm to hot go hiking naked on conservation trails. One day I was laying back on  log and I heard another man voice compliment me on my body. Could he sit with me? And that was the start fo way to many hike-I had discovered quite accidently a gay hangout of sorts.I've been caught by over 200 guys. Enjoyed meeting everyone-singularly and in groups.  ask me about maany more.

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    Driving, kayaking, hiking...

  • View author's info Posted on Jun 23, 2014 at 03:27 PM

    Some great stories here. I'd love to join a few of you and lay naked. male or female. Nudity is GREAT, whoever you are with.

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    My first nudist appearance was at a beach outside of Beaconia, Manitoba, aobut an hour's drive north of Winnipeg, MB in Canada.  Went there with a few gay friends, and had my first experience with nudity, and exhibitionism of the naked male body.  Been there many times since then, and have enjoyed several othre nude beaches in Canada since.  Wreck Beach in Vancouver being the most favorite!  I also did many nude tanning sessions in the back yard of my ex-home in Winnipeg, right with neighbours sitting outside in ther own back yards enjoying the sun.

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    I thought about filling my car's gas tank at a local station, early one morning... then I realized they had cameras pointed at all of the pumps.  OOPS! ... Good thing I saw them BEFORE I got out.  ;-)

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    I used to live in an apartment in Tucson, AZ. One night I visited a neighboring apartment complex and skinny dipped in their pool, then proceeded to walk around the entire block completely nude.


    I drive the open highway nude quite a bit.


    Hike, and camp nude all the time.


    Once I loaded up my car in Las Vegas, NV and drove through town and all the way out to Lake Mead, where I spent the whole day skinny dipping.


    A couple of years ago I drove from Provo, UT to Barstow, CA and was nude almost the entire way. I had to stop for gas and eats, but other than that I was naked.

  • View author's info Posted on Jun 13, 2014 at 08:36 AM

    Sometimes I have gone for naked walks in public paths in National Parks.  I choose paths that are out-and-back, rather than circuits.  You never know when someone will walk from the opposite direction if their is more than one entrance, but if you walk in a straight line, it is less likely.  I usually try walk naked early in the morning, when there are less cars in the car park.  I will usually walk about 50 to 100 meters, then strip off (except for decent footwear).  If I see spider webs growing across the path (early morning) I know that no one has been down the path, and therefore no one will be coming back the other way.  There have been times I spent a good few hours naked, and haven't seen anyone.

    I have only been discovered naked once in numerous times of travelling to my favourite area.  As usual, I went very early in the morning.  I think there were two other cars in the car park, but there are a number of paths that leave from the one point.  I picked one path that I knew went down to a stream which became a waterfall when there has been a lot of rain.  I walked for a short while down the path.  When I broke through the third spider web I new it was time to strip off.

    I walked all the way to the waterfall.  It hadn't rained in a while, but there was still enough water to fill up my water bottle, and have a quick wash in the cold water.  I sat on a rock by the stream, and enjoyed the sun drying and warming me after my wash, and generally relaxed while enjoying a snack.

    I had been there about 10 to 15 minutes, when a park ranger - who was there to maintain the paths - came down the path I had been on.  I didn't see him until he had seen me, as the path drops down to the stream area I was sitting, obscuring any incoming persons until the last moment.  I didn't know what to do, and just froze.  Ho spoke first, apologising for disturbing my peace and quiet.  He kept walking up stream, continuing to clear the path of branches which had started to grow across.  As soon as he was out of sight, I got dressed and went back up the path about twice as fast as I had come down.

    In hind sight, I was surprised he wasn't offended by my nudity, but instead seemed relaxed about my attire (or lack of), especially as I wasn't looking to hurt or offend anyone.

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    I enjoy walking naked whenever I can.  Numerous times I have taken the garbage out at night to a communal bin, and collected my mail from the mail box about 200 metres from my front door, totally naked.  Sometimes I will carry my clothes and keep walking along a lighted path, put my clothes on at the next street, walk to a park with less lighting, and continue walking along a concrete path under a major freeway - where I could potentially be seen by cars travelling on streets nearby.


    I have also walked nude at night on a well-lighted footbridge, crossing over the same major freeway, in other parks near roads.


    During the day I have walked on some bush paths near home.  Have only been caught a few times.  The first time a lady wearing red was coming the other way.  I panicked, and ran back the way I came.


    Recently I was walking in an area where less people walk, but still close to home.  There is a short distance where the path I was using goes between a shopping centre on a major road, and some houses near by.  I have even left my clothes off, even when I am in sight of cars on the road, before I turn onto a quiter path.


    I have only been busted nude once in this area.  One day, just as I was coming up to where my path joins the busier path a group of four girls, possibly around 15 or 16 years old, had just arrived heading from the shops to home.  They were about twenty meters away when I saw them.  At that point I had a choice to make: I could quickly put my shorts on and keep going; or I could keep walking as if nothing was wrong.  I figured they have already seen me naked, so I may as well keep going.  I nodded hello to them as I went past them, one started to snicker, which set all four laughing.  This set off an unexpected change in my body as well.  I felt my p*nis start to swell, in response to this female attention.  I was glad I was past them, and they could only see my back half, and not my bodies reaction.  I felt really embaressed.  I looked over my shoulder when I had gone about fifty meters, and they were still watching me and smiling.  I like to think I made their days, rather than turning them off sex for life, seeing a naked older (41 years old) man.

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    I walk in my Back yard naked but it's not for long because I have neighbors I take the trash out to the end of the street with nothing on but a long tshirt.

  • View author's info Posted on Jun 08, 2014 at 04:36 PM

    I once hiked a trail around Lake Tahoe in the nude. I was by myself and, luckily, did not meet other people. It was a quite a trill.

  • View author's info Posted on May 15, 2014 at 08:22 PM

    I too have driven many times nude.  I just love the feeling.  One other time I was with a bunch of friends at another friends house.  It was a summer night and they had a pool.  A few of us decided to go swimming.  I stripped down and went in swimming nude.  I was the only one totally nude.  A couple of the women went topless.  I have also walked nude in the woods.  I never meet anyone when I did that.

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    prob not very daring, but I got naked after entering a gated community to meet a friend with benefits... she met me wearing an open nightie in her front yard (it was dark) and went down on me in my car. so erotic!

  • View author's info Posted on May 09, 2014 at 09:02 AM

    Done a lot of naked driving but probably the most daring was walking out to the street to get mail from the mailbox in the middle of the day.

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