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    oh please let me take you shopping ,
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    I was a teenager in Germany and I was properly 14 years old. Where I grew up there was a lake nearby with a path around it. I was already a few times naked by the lake but always careful that no one will see me. But one day, I got really brave and was riding my bike around there. It was around noon in the middle of the week, so no one should be out there. Then suddenly I saw movements ahead of me. 3 elderly ladies walk towards me. Instead of turning around I kept on riding and I came closer and closer. They were looking at me a bit shock when I came really close. I got really nerves, but still I was not really fast. When I past them they started smiling at me. It was actually quite exciting. Than it was also the first time that I was seen by someone outdoors.

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    at school,i was 16 after phys ed we had to shower,while naked i liked to step out of the changing room door and stand naked in the corridor,got caught by the female french teacherwho was walking past .She stood there and told me off for coming out of changing room nakedand gave me detention after school.   At dentention there was me and two girls

    ,she asked me why i done it ,i explained that im always naked at home and that it just felt natural. the teacher said ok you can take your clothes off now if you want,if you do ill belive you.And with that i stripped naked ,tina and clare the two girls loved seeing me naked in front of them. i liked beeing naked in front of some different people,thaT seemed to k

    like seeing me nude it felt great1

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    Mine is taking early morning walks in N. Kauai, just as the sun is cumming up. I walk the golf course in shorts-only, and get into some of the bushy areas, B4 golfers are there, and strip 'em off and walk around nude in the sprinklers.  The, usually do what a guy does with a huge erection, in the bushes.  Feels so good, always.  Wish I had a few partners to go along with me and play "Hot Balls".

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    Just two weeks ago I was at a park that is near my house.  I was trying to set up my camera to take a timer picture of me that I could send as a surprise to my wife.  I had just gotten to the point of I had my clothes off and had set the timer and I heard voices very close.  I looked down the hill and there was a woman walking with a child and they were closing in fast.  I took the picture and threw my clothes back on and walked down the hill toward them.  I think that the woman saw me up the hill and just made sure not to alert the child that I was there because as I was going past them she kept staring and smiling at me.


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    When I drive the open highways I strip naked. Out West here I can drive for hundreds of miles without a stitch of clothes. Most truckers like it and honk at me, so I give them a show.

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    i live in a block of flats ,i just took the rubbish down naked ,this involves going out of my front door along the corridor to the lifts go down in lift,out of the main door and across the carpark to the bin area and back .when i got out of the lift ,my neighbour and her daughter were waiting for the lift ,while they both seemed suprised to see me nude in the lift though they both have seen me naked beforeas they come round our flat often lucky really that no one else saw me they might of not liked it

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    On a hill top near Mt. FitzRoy in Argentine Patagonia.   Also drove once all the way across Nevada at night on I80 butt naked with the sunroof open.
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    Sounds about the same.  Like men, and like being naked with them.  Beast.
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    I have roller bladed through a city on a bike trail, at 3am of corse .
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    In college, at Halloween I would wear a Great Pumpkin head and streak with nothing on but the giant head.  But I got stopped after a couple of years when the lady i was with told me she only wanted for her to see me that night.. :-)
    But growing up in Arkansas, I used to throw newspapers in an apartment complex and often would get there and strip down comando with the only clothing being the saddlebag like canvas that held the newspapers.. was a rush on a cool morning as most guys know that makes things get a bit stiff.
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    the most daring was the downtown section by the coast. i went with 2 of my college professors for the weekend. there was a seafood resturant a few blocks from the hotel we were staying. it was late when we got there and waited to be serve. the food was delicious and the drinks were a little more than i could handle. when we left the resturant there was nothing but a thick fog. it was so thick that i could not see my hand when i had it in front of me. we could see the headlites of upcoming cars, as well as the lites from the business's on the side of the street we were in. across the street was the shoreline and nothing could be seen. my professors dare me to get naked and walked toward the hotel. feeling somewhat tipsy i said i would. one of them carried my clothes while the other walk in front of me incase people would bump into us or us bump into them. the excitement of walking naked and hearing people voices made it one of the most exciting times in my life.
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    Walked around Stephensdom Catederal in Vienna with a Finnish girl at night both of us naked
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    When I was about 12 yrs old, my guy cousin and I went in a row boat out to the middle of the lake by his house. We stripped naked and lay on the bottom of the boat. It didn't take long for both of us to get hardons then mutually masterbated each other. I've driven around my neighborhood near Chicago in the nude. I've stripped naked at home when I was about 11 or 12 yrs old and let my Mom see me. I've gone skinny dipping with my sisters and their friends when we were younger too. I've also road my bike nude in the forest preserve by my house, justr last year.
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    I love to drive out at night nude park the car and get out to get some fresh air. Surprising how many others have a similar idea
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    I drove from Fruitland, Idaho, thru Boise and on to Las Vegas, Nevada naked.........it was mid-summer.  I put shorts on to gas the pickup............which had no air conditioning.
    Now that I think of it, I've done quite a bit of nude driving..........but then, I do a lot of EVERYTHING nude.
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    I've masterbated in a cinema next to a firned without them noticing and also masturbated in school but that's it really.
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    I guess the most daring place I have been naked was I once went for a drive around in the middle of the day.  I had taken a day off from work and got tired of sunning out in the back yard so I decided to go for a drive to cool off.  It was a great feeling driving around nude and waving to people that I passed by, and with them not knowing that I was nude.  I may have to that again soon.
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    Some years ago I was travelling down through France. Stopped at a rest place on motorway. Met a Dutch couple and we ended up fucking on the side of the motorway.
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