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    Remeber one some years back. Gentleman was a few years older than me. Very nice hands though. First couple of times he remained clothed and made sure i was covered by a towel. During third visit I got an erection. Which couldn't be hidden by towel. He made a comment about it being natural. He finished my legs and sat talking to me as i relaxed. However my erection didn't. I sat up trying to keep towel over me. He laughed. Lively fellow isn't it. I laughed back. Yes quite often. He got up and began to tidy up. I stood and put the towel on the bench. He was stealing glances at me. I slowly rubbed myself. Do you mind i asked. He shook his head. I went for it and soon unloaded on the towel. Fell better, he asked. Oh yes i replied as i cleaned up and got dressed.