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  • NYwolf ( 60 / C / Port Ewen, NM )

    Just looking for friends

  • redhair_dude ( 60 / M / Bolivia, NC )

    just meet at a very casual, public place and maybe sit over a beer or drink or coffee and talk and hopefully hit it off.

  • Seo ( 62 / M / Winter Park, FL )

    A perfect date is a time spent either discussing goals and objectives and sharing opportunities, seeing something new together. Its a building period of something shared.

  • bellylaugh ( 69 / M / Minneapolis, MN )

    A simple cup of coffee and conversation. It could last ten minutes or three hours. Only time will tell...

  • scooter1950 ( 68 / M / Milton, FL )

    Nice dinner , drinks and a walk on the beach or a park.

  • faze1950 ( 68 / M / Stockton, CA )

    Well, I would like our first date to be fun. Yes, A lovely quiet dinner by candle light is very romantic. But I think a long walk talking and holding hands would be appropriate as well. But I would love to go Dancing. I...  read more >>

  • TannedMike ( 67 / M / Rockton, ON )

    Let's go to Hanlon's point or the Ponderosa Nudist Resort for an afternoon in the sun and water.

  • Joek56 ( 61 / M / Natick, NH )

    I was thinking we go out for coffee or drinks and if we hit it off pretty well, we schedule a second date.

  • gov_mule2002 ( 66 / M / Medford, OR )

    having a great time with laughter, and just getting to know each other, while sharing the sun together..

  • nicad ( 62 / M / Southsea, England - Hampshire )

    Well you wouldn't want a boring date would you? So, uncategorisable! There will be nakedness. There will be beautiful music and cordon bleu food with fine wine and good home brewed ale. If it is summer, there may be suns...  read more >>

  • voyeur66 ( 68 / M / st neots, Cambridge )

    like to get naked and have fun

  • mchltxxx ( 61 / M / Portland, OR )

    Meet downtown. Walk to dinner someplace close, casual comfortable cozy conversation, then walk to brewpub nearby (if not the same place) have a couple or a few beers, continue casual comfortable conversation. Goodnight h...  read more >>

  • dv82xl ( 61 / M / Moosic, PA )

    ideally we would meet at a clothing optional place and 'hangout' , not looking for lust or love, just nudist friends.

  • 42ron ( 69 / M / Catonsville, MD )

    lunch in the nude beach side and a walk on the beach, and then dinner in a fine restaurant.

  • visor ( 65 / M / Austin, TX )

    My perfect date would be a meal of her choose and a movie or a drive in the county and this would all be on me.