Fun Date Ideas

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  • free2bbare ( 54 / M / Simi Valley, CA )

    A cup of coffee at a beach side cafe, listening to the sounds of the ocean. Followed by a stroll along the waters edge.

  • chuckd0642 ( 76 / M / Atlantic Beach, FL )

    somewhere quiet for a cup of coffee or drink where we can talk and see if there is any chemistry

  • SpeedyDan ( 60 / M / San Jose, CA )

    Starbucks is fine with me. Or let's grab a burger at Five Guys. Big Bear Diner has the best corned beef and eggs breakfast. Country Inn has the best potato pancake breakfast. Or Stan's in Santa Clara the best glazed donu...  read more >>

  • bounceman ( 64 / M / shell knob, MO )

    go out to eat and talk and go fuck all nit

  • Apollo121 ( 34 / M / Bromley, Kent )

    Drinks, meal chilling and chatting.

  • modeljoej ( 48 / M / Charlotte, NC )

    Just looking for like minded friends to hang with and figure out where the hidden places are get some sun miss going to haulover in south florida where I grew up...

  • Garbare ( 61 / M / Schaumburg, IL )

    Meeting at a public place like Starbucks, to get to know each other, than off to a free beach or club!

  • Damion327 ( 60 / M / Sioux Falls, SD )

    Enjoy a nice dinner and go to a movie. Back home for some nude cuddling.

  • RustyDG ( 72 / M / Princeton by the Sea, CA )

    Dinner, always dinner for the first date. Either out or your place,

  • funlady99uk ( 63 / W / Funcity, England - Merseyside )

    Meet for a coffee somewhere in the country, but not too far from where one of us lives. You never know, the chemistry may be just right!

  • barfors ( 61 / M / Leamington Spa, England - Warwickshire )

    I think a first meeting should be on neutral ground; I'm happy to meet all nudists irrespective of age, or gender. I am a bi-sexual guy but I'm happy to get to know anyone. Coffee and a long chat about nudity is my usual...  read more >>

  • steve27 ( 43 / M / Tonawanda, NY )

    I don't have any spectacular ideas just going out for coffee or light dinner for starters

  • james777 ( 44 / M / Panama City, FL )

    Get to know eachother, then take it from there.

  • anewdguy ( 66 / M / Dallas, TX )

    Meet in public place for coffee, dinner or drinks.

  • geominer ( 58 / M / Falls Church, VA )

    Let's get to know each other in an informal atmosphere such as at a café before we invest more money in other dating venues. I prefer venues which are not noisy and where I can better get to know you rather than watchin...  read more >>