Fun Date Ideas

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  • ElMars ( 23 / M / Birmingham, AL )

    Dinner, Long walk in a park, movie and cuddling.

  • Ethanally ( 22 / M / New Zealand )

    somewhere nice but meaningful and simple like a walk on the beach

  • ShadowWolf2014 ( 32 / C / Eureka, CA )

    Come visit & I'll show you around :)

  • Samkariley ( 42 / W / West Palm Beach, FL )

    Walking in the sand somewhere together talking about nothing and everything

  • Canoesnaked ( 59 / M / Belvidere, IL )

    Just meet up at a place that one of us hasn't been to and let the other be the tour guide. That way both of us should feel comfortable. For me that would be anywhere. I'm new to northern Illinois.

  • henalmer2001 ( 81 / M / Almere, Flevoland )

    A canal tour in Amsterdam and a walk through the old city afterwards

  • APRyoki ( 25 / M / Fort Bragg, NC )

    We go exploring, somewhere we don't really know Too well, but that's what makes it fun

  • robertm33154 ( 62 / M / Santa Cruz, CA )

    Why not breakfast in San Francisco, drink coffee at the pier, then visit museums or galleries. Perhaps we could follow this up with dinner in either Half Moon Bay or Santa Cruz, and a walk along the beach.

  • BayAreaSub83 ( 34 / W / Milpitas, CA )

    I like going up to The City (San Francisco) and wandering around the Mission District, seeing the sights, trying new eateries, having a few drinks. Then maybe make our way over to the Piers and take in a beautiful view o...  read more >>

  • bensbens ( 48 / M / Los Angeles, CA )

    As I said, certainly can be non-nude, but I really enjoy Black's Beach.

  • dakine14u ( 45 / M / North Las Vegas, NV )

    Would like to take you on a ride on my Harley and go to the mountains or just out to the lake

  • Craze899 ( 33 / M / Rancho Cucamonga, CA )

    I would prefer meeting in a neutral, public place, where we could talk (beach, hike, park, cafe... the possibilities are endless)

  • rickieh ( 73 / M / Mesa, AZ )

    Sitting at the foot of a beautiful landscape {Mountain} and enjoying the view with a great dinner and talking to a beautiful woman.Looking forward to sharing a wonderful nite.

  • quitecurious ( 58 / C / Portland, OR )

    Go sightseeing and enjoy other peoples company

  • INeedCompanions5 ( 50 / M / Chattanooga, TN )

    I am a person who desires "AFFECTION:" I DON'T WANT THERE TO BE JUST A SEXUAL INTEREST, I WANT US TO CONSIDER WORKING ON DEVELOPING A RELATIONSHIP. I need to find a woman who loves to FEEL and TOUCH my NAKED BO...  read more >>