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  • marineone ( 67 / M / Broomfield, CO )

    love to have dinner at a nudist restaurant and then go from there like a walk or just sit and talk

  • Countryboy61 ( 63 / M / Houston, TX )

    Meet at a location for dinner and or drinks. I want the lady to be comfortable e ought to enjoy being with me. And later to be comfortable being naked together.

  • Datrooff ( 33 / M / Shreveport, LA )

    I don't have a perfect first date. I just want to have a good time and learn a little bit more about a person that I am attracted to.

  • Nude_Matt_128 ( 30 / M / Camp Lejeune, NC )

    I like to decide that together, but definitely something where we can get to know each other

  • Lannce12 ( 28 / M / Muskogee, OK )

    I just like to meet people first and get to know them then see what life makes out of it

  • areoman ( 62 / M / Bristol, England - Gloucestershire )

    To go for a nice romantic meal and to just talk about our likes and dislikes

  • Bassman69 ( 52 / M / Grand Junction, TN )

    Bring her flowers and go to dinner and get to know each better.

  • dcrenshaw ( 26 / M / Greensboro, NC )

    I jus want to go to a movie or sumin kick it dere for a min den we get to da main event 😉

  • Bigjunior ( 24 / M / Lake Mills, WI )

    A perfect dinner would be nice so we can talk and Learn about each other

  • cowboy197 ( 32 / M / West Monroe, LA )

    Well I would cook a good meal than Go horse back riding in the dark and lay back and look at the stars

  • evanchar ( 33 / M / Labelle, FL )

    Just meet up for dinner or something. Doesn't have to be fancy

  • blueboy26 ( 48 / M / Stuttgart, AR )

    I guess a first date, would maybe be dinner and a movie, or meet at a bar for a drink or two, just to get to know each other better.

  • jtellme2015 ( 67 / M / Palm Desert, CA )

    I like quiet dinner dates and I also like those out of the way places.

  • midnitesun ( 49 / M / Jefferson City, MO )

    Meet and have dinner or drinks and get to know each other.

  • cowboy_626 ( 38 / M / West Covina, CA )

    First date eh? Well nothing breaks the ice and chills the nerves like being nude and getting all the curiosity out of the way right?