Fun Date Ideas

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  • free2bmenaturist ( 49 / M / Prudhoe, England - Northumberland )

    Walk up a mountain then share a hot chocolate 5 days ago

  • bb1980 ( 37 / M / Austin, TX )

    A long hike - perhaps bring my dog along - into the greenbelt, stop for a snack and some adult beverages... Talk and get to know each-other. Ideally after several hours the conversation turns to mutual comfort which turn...  read more >>

  • ShareSomeSun ( 51 / M / Reston, VA )

    Summer: bottle of wine, a blanket, and a sunny private hilltop with a breeze. Winter: bottle of wine, a blanket, and a TRIP somewhere there's a sunny private hilltop with a breeze. Also open to all physical activities...  read more >>

  • Manolonolo ( 38 / M / United Kingdom )

    Somewhere quiet were you can have a nice chat and maybe a nice walk and some food

  • Anirud ( 29 / M / Canterbury, England - Kent )

    Would love to go out on a walk and just chat about life (and nudism maybe?) and find commonalities before any bigger plans...!

  • clayforplay ( 31 / M / Aspen, CO )

    Hiking or giving each other massages!!!

  • CrankyOldGuy47 ( 50 / M / Middletown, NY )

    A picnic at Minnewaska: talking, walking, jumping in a stream to cool off, and lying in the sun just talking and getting to know each other.

  • Admirerofwomen ( 46 / M / Sidney, BC )

    I think a good first date (if I was to go on one)would be hiking around one of the lakes nearby. I am into fitness and good health, so it would be a good indicator for compatibility to me. Also a good hike provides lots...  read more >>

  • nwsoldier2007 ( 47 / M / Olympia, WA )

    Walk along the beach with little to nothing on.

  • OgreJohn ( 29 / M / Columbia, TN )

    I prefer to get to know people in casual settings. Doing something that relatively low energy so that we can focus on talking and getting to know each other.

  • birthdaysuit1976 ( 41 / M / Normanna, TX )

    Nothing better than spending hours in the wild away from the rat race.

  • Juvai555 ( 34 / M / Riverbank, CA )

    getting to know a person , listening, i guess just hanging out like a friend nothing to crazy...

  • 1994Saab ( 23 / M / Ellicott City, MD )

    Meet up and walk. Pretty simple! I find that walking also exercises the mind

  • suviver ( 56 / M / Llanrwst, Wales - Denbighshire )

    going for a walk in the hills somewhere that there is no one around that can disturb us as we get to know each other

  • yankeeboy2001 ( 48 / M / Dalton, GA )

    If I was up to me but it should b up to both people I like to hear what my date wants to do.If I have to say if its in the summer may b some swimming at the lake and set up a tent and stay the day if everything gos well...  read more >>