Difference between, nudist, naturist and exhibitionist? California Sun bums Forward to friends

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    I'm new to this site....a home nudist. I am curious where one of the above ends and another begins...
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  • View author's info Posted on Jun 29, 2009 at 01:00 PM

    I also have been a naturist for many years, and I think the answer to your question is, that nudist and naturist are about the same, just used in different countries. To me naturist that enjoy their natural state. Being in the woods, hiking nude, at the beach, sunnning, swimming, and playing in the nude. A nudist is one who enjoys the freedom of being nude. At home, at a resort, on vacations, just about anywhere it is apporpriate to be nude. Both those types, enjoy being nude just for the relaxation it brings. On the other hand an exhibitionist, only goes nude for the thrill of being see by others. I think that is what they are suppose to get out of being seen nude. It is a sexual thrill for them. Far from being a nudist. It would be hard for me to think that a nudist could be a exhibitionist, because they certainly could not get plaesure out of being both. It would be one or the other.
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    Jerp, I have been a nudist for nearly 50 years. I have been to many resorts and parks over the years but find most comfort and ease in and around my own home. I seldom wear clothing and am crazy about working and/or lounging in my own back yard. When friends come over, if they share my love for the nude life, we enjoy lounging and conversation. The odd dinner and drinks with friends are enjoyable. Everyone shucks their clothing at the door and sits on towels. No. You dont have to have to be a sun lover to be a nudist. You only need to love the freedom afforded by your nudity and the company of your nude friends and family. Thats another thing. If your family are not nudists, introduce them to the lifestyle. Most people, unless they are total prudes or freaks, love the freedom being nude with others gives them and they recognize that, when you stand naked with men and women, neither you nor they can or will put on aires. Nudity is not about sex. It is freedom. David San Diego
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