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    Have you had any encounters with trade persons finding you nude and joining in.
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    Forgot about the electric meter being read this week. Weather was finally starting to warm up and had started to wear shorts. Wife just a very thin, long tee-shirt. We had just finished lunch and clearinng up when knock on door. Surprised to see a woman in uniform. Shirt and trousers. She showed her card and said she was here to read the meter
    I let her in and she stood looking us both up and down. She started to say about the nice weather at last and how lucky we were to be able to enjoy it. She hated being in uniform when it was hot. I noticed that wifes nipples had began to harden. She likes to be nude but not in front of others as she is on the large side due to a thyroid problem. Besides which she had just come out of hospital having had blood clots in her leg and now has to wear support stockings. She agreed with the lady and said about her stockings. Saying how they stopped her from sitting in the sun.
    She excused herself and sat down as she gets tired after standing for a while. Her tee shirt riding up and showing her legs.The lady looked at her and commiserated with her about being hot. At least you get to air yourself, she said. I'm stuck with these trousers. Wife was blushing. The lady apologised. She hadn't meant to cause offence. It was just nice seeing people being at ease with their bodies. I offered her a cold drink. She said that she would like one as we were the last on her list today.
    My wife then dumbfounded me by saying that if that was the case then she was welcome to undress for a short time so that she could cool down and feel the benefit of the drink. We have been intimate with only one couple, very close friends. It was her turn to blush. No, i couldn't do that, she said. Why not, wife replied. It's no bother for us. I handed her the drink. My cock starting to stir. Just do it, my wife said. She stood up, pulled the tee-shirt up over her head and sat down again. As i passed my wife she grabbed me and pulled my shorts down. I stepped out of them and faced the lady. She took a big swig of her drink. Let me do the reading first, she stammered.
    I led her into the other room and showed her the meter. She took the reading and we went back. She looked at her watch. I have got half an hour to spare. Would you really mind. we both said no. I sat down and she calmly undressed. Revealing a trim body with a faint tan line around her hips. Her pert breasts nicely tanned. I pulled a chair out for her and she sat down and drank some more.
    The girls talked for a bit and then got on to sunbathing. The lady said that we both looked good with a full tan. She said that she had two teenagers at home so was restricted on sunbathing. Wife said that she also looked good. The lady said that it would be nice to have an all over tan, she didn't like having lines. She said that my wife really looked good with her golden colour. She stood up and did an awkward twirl.
    You really thing so, even with this weight. Stroking her thick thighs. The lady nodded. The colour helps you to carry the weight. Wife cupped her buttocks. I've got some to carry. The lady stood up and placed her hand on my wifes buttock. Do you mind, she asked. She shook her head. I've been touched everywhere the last couple of weeks so i'm not embarresed any more. She carressed her buttock. No big deal she said. I don't find it off putting. Thank you, that makes me feel better. Good. I bet your husband doesn't mind you like this.
    No, he's lovely. He just keeps telling me how sexy i am. And you are, she said. You really don't mind me touching you. No, it's ok, you have nice hands. Better than some of the nurses. I do find you attractive, i like the larger figure. Her hand came up and fingers brushed over my wifes nipples. They are magnificant she whispered. My husband chews on them for ages, she replied. I do like it. I bet you do. They are so big. Would you mind if i kissed them. I don't know, she replied. I've never had a woman do that that. Just relax and let it happen. Ok, but i need to lie down as my leg is tiring.
    I stood up and followed them into the bedroom. My wife laid down and the lady lay next to her. She began to play with my wifes nipples and eventually moved so that she could suckle on them. She started licking them and was soon drawing them between her teeth. Which had the wife moaning. I sat on the side playing with myself. The lady moved her hand down and strated to carress my wifes mound. After a few minutes she opened her legs and dipped a finger between her lips. My wife let out a long low moan. She put another finger in and started to rub. My wifes legs got wider and the lady must have found her clit as she began to buck. She was now urging her to let her feeling go and surrender to her pleasure.
    My wife was gripping her shoulders. Oh yes, she said breathlessly, thats it just there. And let out a long gurgle as the lady went to work on her spot. She managed to get back onto my wifes tits and she exploded into a loud finish as she rubbed her love spot and chewed her nipples. She brought her down slowly and gently. Would you mind if your husband brought me off. She stroked her cheek. Of course not, you deserve it. The lady swung round and hung her legs over the edge. Kiss me, she whispered. Opening her legs. I dropped down and knelt between her legs. Gazing at her closely cropped fuzz and lips protruding. I laid a gentle kiss on them and she laid her legs on my shoulders. I ran my tongue over her lips and felt her shudder as they began to part.
    I slid my hands over her thighs and delicately parted her lips. I kissed her again and slid my tongue in as far as it would go. I gently withdrew and slid it up over her mound. She was purring with pleasure. Her little white spot was shining out of her pinkness. I pulled her lips even wider and gently blew on her spot. She gasped and held my head. Her legs tightening around my neck. I took a deep breath and began to lick on her spot. She began to grind into me and i changed to sucking and chewing her.
    She started to scream softly and eventually shuddered noisily through her climax. I gasped some more air and gently licked her as she calmed down. She eventually pulled me up. That was tremendous. Thank you. I lent over and kissed my wife. She responded well to the taste of the lady. She eased herself up and lay next to my wife. She stroked my cock. You turn, she said. Unload yourself over my tits. I got astride her and took hold of my throbbing cock. It didn't take me long to unload my spunk which she began to rub over tits. As i eased of off her my wife leaned over and sucked on one of her nipples and then kissed her.
    Thank you, she said. it's for me to thank you, the lady replied. That was so nice and good. And for you to trust someone so quick was a bonus. It just felt right, my wife said. You were so gentle. I din't register that it was a woman touching me. My husband is good but i haven't cum like that for ages. They kissed again. Me neither. And yes he is good. The kissed a bit more and the lady broke away. I have to go she said. I showed her the bathroom and i kissed and fondled my wife until she returned. She got dressed, kissed us both deeply, and departed.
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    Quoting family_naturist:

    Not 4 real, but I once did a porn show for Velvet magazine nwith my 2nd wife, where I was supposed to be a pool maintenance guy and she the naked sunbather/swimmer.

    Lovely pics. Shame it wasn't real. Would be happy to give the lady some maintenance.
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    I asked if he was sure about this. Oh yes he replied. He turned back round, dropped to his knees and held my throbbing cock. He beagn to play with my balls and crack as he slowly kissed around my head. Licking my slit on each circuit. He grasped the base of my cock and began to move his mouth up and down my shaft. Sucking on me as i buried my length.
    Unfortunately I was ready to cum all to soon. I indicated to him that I was. He stood up and bent over again. I again asked if he wanted me to fuck him. He nodded and pushed into me. I grabbed the soap, lathered it up and began to smear his crack. He was moaning as i did. I lathered myself up, only just managing to hold back.
    I managed tp part his cheeks with one hand whilst rubbing and guiding myself with the other. I felt him tense as i placed my head against his hole. As i pushed he gasped as the head slipped in but i felt him relax after a few seconds and he began to adjust to my thickness and length. i stopped halfway but he pushed against me and said it was ok. I grasped both cheeks and eased myself in to the hilt.
    He was gasping heavy so I held myself in, but i could feel myself throbbing. He took some deep breaths and said ok. I asked what he meant. He replied in a croaky voice that he wanted me fuck his sorry arse with my big cock. I took hold of his hips, pulled slowly out and pushed back in just as quick. He squealed as it was tight. I lathered up the soap again and as i began to slide in and out i applied a coat to my length.
    Oh yes he said, so much better. I rubbed one more coat on and began to fuck him in earnest. He was urging me on, i was grunting, our bodies were slapping together. As i started to let my spunk fly into him he managed to turn and without touching himself shot a string of thick, cloudy sperm into the sink. I shuddered to a finish and reached for his cock as a smaller string emerged. He lent back against me as i slowly rubbed his shaft milking another small string.
    To my surprise as i slipped out of him he turned once more, fell to his knees and proceeded to clean me off. Not surprisingly this hardened me again. He stood up laughing. Now now naughty boy I have to go. We both washed up and he got dressed and left.
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    Excellent. Wish that had been me. What happened next?
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    My encounter was with a young gas fitter. It was late summer and had arranged to have the boiler serviced in preparation for the winter. The fitter had been before and I knew that I would be the last on his round as he lived nearby.
    I got home from the early shift, showered, had a sandwhich and hit the garden. About two hours later heard the doorbell going. Wrapped a towel round my waist and opened the door. The fitter was there and I ushered him in. He explained that he'd had a cancellation and the last visit was very easy. I said that it was no problem and we went through to the kitchen.
    Whilst he was setting up I got him a cold drink. He asked if he was interrupting me in the bathroom. I replied that I was actually sunbathing. He said that it was a shame that they were not allowed to wear shorts. As he started to work he said that it was ok if I wanted to sunbath and that he didn't mind me being nude as he and his girlfriend often did.
    I slipped the towel off and faced him. He nodded and said I looked good. I asked if he was on his last visit. He said yes provoding he didn't get anymore phone calls. I said he was welcome to undress if he wanted to. He said he wouldn't at the moment as he probably had to go to the van.
    I returned to the garden and left him to work. A little while later he appeared at the back door. I got up and went over. He said that he had finished and that everything was alright. We went in so that I could sign the forms. I offered him another drink and he said yes as he had a bit of time to spare. As we talked I was aware of him eyeing my crotch. He asked if I meant it about him undressing. I replied I had no problems being with other men. As he started to undress he asked if my wife would be coming home. I said not to worry as she would be late.
    He stepped out of his underpants and turned to show me his nicely tanned and muscled body. We both began to respond. He asked if he could wash his hands. I pointed to the soap at the sink. He washed his hands and then calmly proceeded to wash his cock and backside. I retrieved a clean towel and stood beside him. As he turned I reached down and cupped his erection in the towel. He was very hairy, about six inches long and thin. Cut with a slight downwards kink. I gently rubbed him dry and he turned round and bent over so that I could rub his ass.
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