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    Nude Recreation as never before..;-)
    You may be right to be a little confused about what nudism/naturism is meant to be... or not... as compared to my liberal stance on Nude Recreation.
    As far as I'm concerned and with those who were pioneering such ideas over 20 years ago... all we had in mind was to be able to find ourselves nude without any feeling of shame, knowingly it was also a statement that the wrong taboos/traumas shoved on us by society, about how we view our bodies, was in no way going to affect us in anyway and that pride of our body was what it is all about.
    "At Ease With Nudity" reflects best the way I envision a social nude context. It's far more significant than only being nude like some do, yet are still carrying their guilt trip and traumas towards natural occurrences (as in being more passionate and physically expressive of such with consenting partners) that may or may not come with the actual state of being Nude.
    That's probably the only mild form of "mental" masochism that I see taking place in the minds of those who negate natural occurrences rather than recognizing it is a possible eventuality if not an
    obligation in a nude environment...;-)
    Do's and don'ts: Common Sense. AS easy as that and from fully functional individuals.
    In Friendship & Universality
    Peter Riden

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    If people were less inhibited and willing to be naked with others, like Rogelio infers, strip searches would be much less stressful, take less time and travelers could move along..
    And I guess it would not be fun to some, but probably being strip searched by a female would be be more my cup of tea than a male.. but I am sure that due to those ongoing inhibitions and fears, it would remain male to male and female to female..
  • View author's info Posted on Dec 30, 2009 at 05:58 PM

    Great comments, Peter.

    I feel certain that many of us would like to hear more of your well-expressed views, say, on the recent subject of airline travelers being routinely strip-searched by camera or humans before boarding an airline flight.

    To many nudists, including yours truly, a bit of complete nudity to ensure that no one is toting some non-detectable bomb stuff on their person is a small price to pay for much better airline and passenger protection. However we no doubt will have an uphill battle to convince the relatively squeamish non-nudist public of this.

    Yours and possibly Erich Schuttauf's AANR views on this subject would be greatly appreciated.
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