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    i was 13 and a girl i went ot school with invited me to go to her house to go swimming when we got there she asked if i had a swim suit i told her no. she laughed adn said yes i did. she took me in her room and tole me to get undressed i got down to my shorts and she asked me to take off her bra i was nervious. after i did she turned around faced me naked she then jerked my shorts down and toem e to catch her if i could seh ran to the pool. we wer having fun when her older sister came in seh stood on the edge of the pool with her boyfrind they wer 18 and 19 they striped and jumped in the pool with us
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    To s10jay: I can verify a girl I knew at age 10 who was a friend of my buddys daughter. They woulc come over for weekend campouts in summer and we set up a slip Nslide and pool for the kids.  This gir was a full, solid , very noticable 'B cup with the hardest big nipples pushing through them at age 10....And the biggest problem was that she KNEW it,,enjoyed showing them off, teasing grown men with her  physical attributes often nearly falling out on full display just to get a reaction.   Tough campovers,,buddy and I had to do alot of drinking and looking away from the frolicing girls right there in front of us.  Yeeeooowww,,,,yes,,they can and do wear pretty big bras at age ten these days if the hormones are just right.

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    i was 15 with a bunch of pals at a river we just thought it was a hot day so we striped and spent about 4 hours swiming and havin fun4 boys 1 girl, i thing she had the best fun tst day.
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    My first nude swim was at 10 y/o as part of the mass skinny dip that was the YMCA back in the late '50s early '60s. It was just something that was done and nobody really gave it a thought.
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    I was around 13 at the time. My little sister, who was 11 at the time, was still in elementary school, and her school started an hour before mine. We were living with our grandparents at the time. My grandmother had already left for work, and my grandfather, who is retired, took my sister to school. While he took her, I had about a 30 minute window before he got back, I would quickly strip and go for a swim. It was a good 15 - 25 minute swim to sort of wake me up in the morning, but it felt awesome. No suit, just my body in the cold water swimming.
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    After my folks broke up, we moved to my mom's hometown in north New Jersey.  One of the requirements in gym was that we had to take one half a year of swimming, even if we'd already been taught.  As a Gay 16 year old, you can imagine how my hormones were racing, but one of the guys in the class who I thought was really hot also had to take swimming.  We were warned that we had to swim naked, although I never knew quite why.  Still, I was only too glad to get naked, especially since he was there too.  I looked forward to those hour-long classes for two reasons.  Obviously, the first was so that I could see him, but the most important one was that I could get butt naked at school and get away with it!
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    my first time was when i was 12-13 we were at a hot springs with a hotel next door. my friends and i dared each other to go nude in the pool and so we did. it was dark and i will never forget the feeling of freedom that i had while swimming in the pool. i later went to a nudist camp when i was in my 30's and relized what i felt then was so much natural
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    a ten year old with a bra?
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    My first skinny dipping experience was in a mountain stream in Oregon. I went camping with a girl from college whom I liked a lot, but we were only platonic friends as part of a group.  When I picked her up she had a white Mexican cotton top and jeans, with long dark hair and sparkling eyes. We drove up initially to a lake, but the water was too low and mosquitos were abundant, so we instead went to a local stream known for its beautiful clear water and big granite boulders.  We set up camp by the stream in a place called three pools, swam a bit in suits and climbed around a bit.  In time, I noticed the back of her bikini top had come unfastened, but it remained on, held by her ample breasts.  I was laying on a towel on the beach and said that I wanted to sunbathe nude.  She responded that she would too. She shed her suit to reveal a fit but full-breasted body with a big dark brown bush, as she lay down beside me.  There were a handful of other people around, so we didn't do anything but soak up the sun and swim, albeit with an erection much of the time.  Then made our dinner and stayed nude until we climbed into our sleeping bags zipped together for a night of naked bliss.  Never dated here again, unfortunatelty, but a memory I will never forget. I still return to that spot, now often full of textiled people on weekends, and skinny dip in memory of a great day. 

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    Singing beach. With a gorgeous girl. in March in New England. Brrrrrrrrrr
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    I'm naked and in the water everytime I can get away with it.

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    bet u enjoyed that!
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