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    I wake up with a morning erection and sometimes after a good work out. What's the big deal about getting an erection in the presence of others?
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    Sometimes it cannot be avoided, although it depends how hard you mean. I can go semi-rigid at the drop of a hat, nobody has ever done anything than give a knowing glance and a smile.
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    ErikG, Howdy- Steve Nelson here. That aint a problem in my story Tomorrow's World #1. As a matter of fact in the story, a really big constant hardon is greatly appreciated. In the begining of the story, Male501E who has just been revived from the 20th Century has a 'Member' of only 6", by the end of the story he has grown to 12" and boy is he confident! I don't understand why some people have a problem with natural functions. Especially people that claim that they want to be all natural anyway.
    In my story, Sex is a Beautiful thing that the genetically Engineered humans of the future all Enjoy and Celebrate.
    I am respectful of other peoples feelings, so I try not to push too much, but I am the writer, the publisher and the promoter of my book, & I do hope people will look up my site & purchase it. I have a hard time myself understanding groups of people that want to be naked but like some kind of Church Priest want to deny the natural desires of the human organism.
    Sex is just, or even more natural, than just being naked. Hey since my mug aint so hot I'll add a pic here of the beautiful Female401E here for you, OK? It's the nice cover art of my book and I feel though she's a composite drawing, she's a lot better looking than I am.
    I want to learn Computer Animation and then Animate my book. Do you know of any good- CHEAP- online schools I could try?
    Sincerely, Steve Nelson
    PS: And hey if I've offended anybody here I am sorry. Some of these sites are very touchy I'm finding out.

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    There are hardons and there are RAGING HARDONS.... the latter was helped along...
    I have had hardons at the beach and I wasn't the only one. It's a natural thing. If it bothers you or someone else just pop into the water, it's usually cold enough to take care of the problem...if you choose to call it a problem.
    RAGING HARDONS are usually frowned on...but I guess it depends on who is at the beach that day.

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    So I guess I still don't understand. If I were to go to a nudist beach and for what ever reason I get a hard on, is it considered a bad or good thing? I have never been but have always wanted to go to one but didnt want to get asked to leave for something I can't control.
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    I have to say, even here, down-under in Australia, most if not all of us men on nude beaches get erections when we're laying naked in the sun. Sadly, as is the case all round the world, its those with very little 'sexual maturity' that spoil the experience for many women who would like to attend a nude beach, with safety.
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    Hi fieldy18. Hop across the pond to Sydney Oz and look me up buddy.
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    Hi there BODYSHAVED. If these are your true photos of yourself, I would have absolutely NO PROBLEM with you having an erection next to me,. I'd even help you relieve it after admiring it for a while.
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    they happen, they are what? :)
  • View author's info Posted on Oct 25, 2009 at 10:17 AM

    Yes, erections happen and I am fine with it. I have seen guys walking down the beach stroking and even though I found that fun to watch, I don't think it has a place in the main nude area of apollo beach. I don't want that type of open activity to cause problems, so if you want to be more open with an erection, walk down the beach and those interested might be down there or will follow.

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    i like to see the penis in semi or full erect rather than limp size. that is the beauty of being naked. the natural beauty of the body and its parts
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    erections are natural, when in a small crowd or just a couple erections are almost a must, after all being natural, and loving the opposite sex is a wonderful feeling for you and the person receiving the honor
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    I agree with a lot of you. Erections are natural.
  • View author's info Posted on Apr 01, 2009 at 10:01 AM

    Having an erection in public places, may be prohibit. But when I go to nude beaches, i see a lot of men with big erections, and some that are semi hard.

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    I've been to the local nude beach many times and have never had an erection in public.

    And the only times I've had one at Katikati Naturist park was in our tent at night with my Wife
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    I enjoy getting erections in public although it can also be a scary experience. I just wish I could know if people like it or not. If they like it I would not mind showing off a bit (I am always eager to please). If I know they dislike it, I would not do it as I really do not want to offend anyone.

    At this stage I guard against appearing in public with an erection as I think such behaviour would not be universally accepted.
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    Hi,I was very surprised to see such a photo, I am a new member and don't know much about this forum, just wanted to comment, don't love men and everything around but was positively surprised!?
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    Hi Caro,
    I am a German and love to talk to women more than men, sorry if shouldn' write so much or this kind (sorry my German/English
  • View author's info Posted on Nov 11, 2008 at 12:13 PM

    It's good to know most people are very relaxed about erections.

    I'm terribly body shy and want to get into going to nude beaches but get hard at the merest thought. I have been a few times and sit there and it wears off but I haven't got to the point where I could walk around as it would just spring straight up no matter who was around.

    I even have problems in the changing room. Still, seeing how relaxed people are here has made me realise it's not such a big deal so long as you are discreet.

    I dream of just being able to play nude volleyball with the guys!

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