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    My family was not into nudism, but I was 12 when I first tried it. We had a pool that I liked to spend my summers hanging out by. I was often by myself as both of my parents worked. I had just found a speedo type swimsuit that I was enjoying wearing for the first time. After being in the sun for awhile I dove in to cool off and my suit slid down to my ankles. It was exciting so I kicked it off and swam a few laps naked before putting my suit back on. I did this several times that summer, always starting out in my speedo but taking it off once I was in the water.

    A few times I felt pretty daring and would go out to the pool with just a towel wrapped around me. I would drop the towel and dive in. It didn't take too long for me to be laying out tanning naked and even walking around the house naked if I was home alone.
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    I think I did this with a friend ( just hung out nude at my folks house when they weren't there ) when I was about 7 or 8, but I began to go skinny dipping everyday at my dad's house in southern Calif when I was about 15.

    I did it then partially because I was sort of a rebel as a young boy, but I also wanted to get caught ( like by the nosy neighbors ) but also I felt like I got a thrill out of it and I really enjoyed the water on my skin without any swim trunks getting in the way! :-)

    Probably one of my top 3 best moments of growing up! :-)
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    I was brought up nude and love it.
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    I have been wanting to be nude since birth. With seven brothers and sisters this was discouraged.
    Played and slept nude in my room when I could.
    At eight I was playing at a neighbors when we got very muddy. His parents were home and had us get undressed so his Mom could wash our clothes. Felt a little strange being naked in front of them but they did not show any concern. My friends clothes would not fit me so they just had us play naked the rest of the afternoon till it was time for me to go home.
    I went there often after that and seemed to end up dirty alot. After awhile I noticed the parents were nude in the house while we played. My friend told me they were often. Felt good to have a place to go and be ok being naked.
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    I, also, went nude in the woods,(what there were of them),in N Texas, when I was about 10.Being the middle boy of 7 kids, I didn't get to slip off to many times,but when I did, I loved it. No oone seemed to miss me, either.
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    I was 12. My Grandfather owned a retirement home in Mexico and I used to swim nude with him.
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    I've always loved to be naked. I remember being no more than 5 and playing in a paddling pool with our neighbour's daughter who was a similar age and both of us deciding to strip off and run around naked, which was far more fun!
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    I have never liked clothes since I was a toddler. I remember my mom and dad yelling at me to get some clothes on. I became a full time practioner of nudity at age 10. When ever I ould be alone my clothes came off. Have been that way ever since!!
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    I was 10. Grew up in a strictly closed minded family. Went to a neighbors house and they said that they were going swimming and asked me if I wanted to join. The woman was a single mom and had children of her own, four girls, quadruplets, 12 years old. We went out into their very large back yard and I was wondering why they had really tall fences. We all walked over to their pool, in the back, obscured by thick trees. I had known them for years and I thought that it was strange when they just started to casually strip down naked! I just stood there in disbelief. They were all naked and getting in the pool and looked over at me. The mom and one of the girls came over and explained that they were naturists and this was how they went swimming, and if I wasn't comfortable with it, I didn't have to get nude. It was my first time seeing anyone naked, more than less 5 naked women! As I started to get undressed, I got a boner. The girls giggled but the mom said that it was okay and it sometimes happens for no reason. Nothing to be ashamed of. So, we splashed and played all day and was invited to stay over. I called my mom, not wanting to get dressed to go home to ask, and she said it was cool. So, the girls had never seen a penis before and they wanted to play with it. We were sitting on the back porch at night and they were taking turns playing with my penis. I played with each of their vaginas and tiny breasts also. We kinda knew how to pleasure ourselves, but we didn't want to do it to each other, so, I showed them how boys do it, and they showed me how girls do it. We fell asleep together in their room, naked in a pile. We got together many many times after that to masturbate (before we knew what that word was, or that it was sexual) at least once a week. This went on for years. Then when I was 13 and they were 15, I lost my virginity to one of them. Then they each wanted a turn the next day. After that, masturbating together got a little weird. We lost touch after that. It was a fun experience that I will never forget.
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    6or 7 maybe i was a greatway to grow up

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    I was reared Nude by a single Mother, I wouldn't change for the world, I love the lifestyle

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    I was 10 years old at camp. Skinny dipping was just a thing we did. Both girls and boys were doing it regularly. Sex never came into it....that came when we got older.
    I remember a few of us getting hardons and both the guys and girls thought it was funny. We didn't know why it happened.
    It was probably a combination of the heat ot the day and the sun directly on our bodies.

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    love that you started so young ! Thought i was alone like that
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    I was around 10 when my best friend and I use to hike into the woods nearby and play doctor. We both would strip down and examine each other tha hang out nude for a while.
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    About 7. Mother was divorced and working so I got to be at home on my own a lot - which wouldn't be allowed now. I was in bed one morning when she was at work, reading a comic with a jungle book type boy in it -naked except for a few leaves. I though I would try that . I stripped off my pyjamas, lay naked on the bed with the sun streaming through the window and wow - did that feel good. I thought it was the most heavenly sensation ever. Then a few minutes later, stretched out naked on the bed and reading the comic and feeling everso alive, without any warning I had my first, and very large, orgasm. I had no idea what it was but that day I discovered two of my favourite things!

    For much of the rest of my childhood, until mother remarried when I was eleven I was able to spend a lot of time naked, and I even got some of my friends to play naked as well from time to time.
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    Well that's good your A nudist now, do U have friends that go nude with you, or just you,
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    My parents never signed off on the topic. My father was away much of the time with work. My mother was the master of the house. My best nude time as a kid came on a farm in Kansas with cousins. It was so hot in the summer. skinnydipping was an everyday thing as well as sitting on the front porch at night because the house was too hot. My aunt and uncle also were nude. The farm house was off the road by at least a mile. I have many fond memories of that time. My mother lives in Oklahoma now. She is 83 and I would love to sit on her back porch free of clothes. Not in her lifetime, I think.
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    i was raised a nudist...been one all my life
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    I began sleeping nude and going naked around the house when I was 8-9. My mother caught me once and beat the hell out of me. About the same time, I would get erections all the time and eventually learned how to give myself pleasure.
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    I was 15. I lived in an area where there were woods nearby. On hot summer days I would go down to a secluded area on the riverbank and sunbath nude. As far as I know I only got caught once - by a girl that went to my school. She saw me, walked by me, and smiled and kept walking.